OMG!!! That's so weird!!! I was just thinking about Converse, too!!!

Way back in the long ago a fledgling company named Anomaly was asked to pitch a struggling shoemaker named Converse. It was a match made in heaven. These were the brain babies born out of that coupling.


Complacency is the enemy. Get out. Do shit. For example, we ran the spot below during "American Idol." 

credit: writer. director: self/randy freeman

Click  here  for the agency walk through. 

Click here for the agency walk through. 





Domaination was just a fancy-pants way of saying we were taking our disruption campaign online. We were going to disrupt the hell out of Google AdWords. 

It worked like this: We knew teens spend a lot of time online. Online they search. We were going to disrupt that search. Teens type a keyword or ask a question and we would be ready to answer it. 

Search for "How Do I Kiss": and you get this. (Full creative credit for this one goes to Ross Aboud and Beau Unruh.)

Search for "Acne" and you get this.  

Search for "Prom" and you get this.  

Search for...I forget what people were searching for, but they got this.  



Did you know Converse started as a basketball shoe? True story. (And a fascinating one at that.) It explains why Converse had superstar Dwayne Wade under contract. The only problem: how do you reconcile the free-spirited voice of the Converse brand with the steely discipline of sport? Click here for the result.