Meet Charles Charles MaGalls. Tycoon. Philanthropist. Powerhouse. The only man brave enough to take on the legendary Dwayne Wade in the sport of basketball. To 10. By 1. Gotta win by 2.

Wade had a mantra: Wade's belief is stronger than your doubt.  For a single season, Mr. MaGalls was going to put this mantra to the test.


First we introduced the world to Charles Charles through a variety of media (Deadspin, a billboard outside of the Miami Heat's American Airlines Arena, and Facebook).  

CREDIT: cowritten with Ian Ghent

CREDIT: cowritten with Ian Ghent


Charles Charles begins a series of taunts across Miami media challenging Wade to a game: calling in to Miami sports radio stations; making court side appearances at games; a videoboard in Times Square; confronting Wade in a "leaked" video clip (with 3,000,000 views); and more. Here was handsome Charles Charles calling Wade out on the Jumbotron at a Heat game.


We put up a range of videos (more than 20 in all), each a new challenge to Wade. Hype vids. Videos with the legendary Bar Masters. More videos on the Jumbotron at the Heat's arena. On Facebook, Twitter, and through our 1-800 number, fans rushes to Wade's defense. No matter. Mr. MaGalls would not be stopped. 


Ali vs. Frazier. Bird vs. Magic. Luke vs. Vader. That one guy vs. That other guy from that one time. They all pale. 

This was the epic showdown to put all those other showdowns to shame.