OMG!!! That's so weird!!! I was just thinking about a series of random one-offs, too!!!

A variety of clients here. Some of these were tied to larger initiatives, some were just things that had to be done because someone bought media before thinking about why media should be bought. Whatever the motivation, these little brain turds showed up in sombreros ready to party.  

These first few print executions were for the Rolex Sydney-to-Hobart Challenge, the deadliest seafaring race in the world.

credit: writer

Next up, an ad for Smirnoff that wasn't so much an ad for Smirnoff as it was an ad for night. 

credit: writer, art director: randy freeman, director: rocky morton

To celebrate our the 100th anniversary of our agency's legal firm we created this.

credit: writer

credit: writer

And to sell more L.L. Bean flashlights at Christmastime, we created this. 

credit: writer. director: chris milk. 

To cleanse you palette of that sweetness, I leave you with the two most loved/hated films of my career. You can find them here and here. I was the writer. Both films had millions of views each. Jawbone (probably wisely) took them down when their company got all reputable.