Really??? I wasn't thinking about Domino's at all. 

Since we're here, though, why don't I take you through some of the projects I did for Domino's? Below you'll find a couple retail TV spots and what was (as far as I know) the first scavenger hunt ever conducted on Ebay. First, the TV. 

credit: writer. director: sam cadman.

credit: writer. director: the perlorian brothers. 

Next up: an online endeavor that earned us an Emmy-nomination. Domino's was set to release their Anything Goes deal: you could buy any pizza for just $9.99. Our idea was simple: forget pizzas, what if you could buy anything for just $9.99? This video explains.

credit: writer. director: jeff bitsack. 

If you'd like to see the individual clips that led to the $9.99 offers, click here.