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At the start of the partnership with W+K/Delta partnership, Delta was two billion – with a ‘b’ – in the hole. They were a late-night comedian's punchline. Their brand was non-existent. They were coming off a painful merger operating as two separate companies. Now? The airline pockets 3 billion – with a ‘b’ – a year. Their brand affinity score smashes their rivals. Their long-standing CMO is celebrated.

This is the story of that. It's a story that begins with the words “Keep Climbing." Our campaign began with a simple premise: admit that flying was no fun for anyone and make it clear we were going to make ourselves better. 

credit: creative director. team: rob munk, alan buchanan. director: joaquin baca-asay.

As "Keep Climbing" campaign took hold within and outside of Delta's walls, the airline's fortunes rose. As they did, so could the ways in which we talked about the company. "Up" was a great example. 

credit: creative director. team: alan buchanan. director: joaquin baca-asay.

Beyond just another TV ad here or another print ad there, those of us at Wieden began affecting operational stuff, as well. For example, Delta's safety videos. Instead of a dry presentation of the FAA's mandated language, we created fun versions of the safety video so that our frequent flyers could see multiple videos on multiple flights all taken on the same day and never see the same video twice. 

credit: creative director. team: rob munk, alan buchanan, greg rutter, ian hart, perry morton. director: matt aselton. 

This lighter approach even came to life when Delta wanted to talk about something pretty dry and industrial, like the bag-tracking feature on their app. The result was a video with more than 2 million (organic) YouTube hits. 

credit: writer.

We began taking their advertising into product development as well. To combat jet lag, we unveiled the Delta Photon Shower at the TED conference. The video below explains how it works. 

credit: creative director. 

There are innovative programs we've launched for the airline as well. Take, for example, Innovation Class. It's a program that uses otherwise empty seats to create a mentoring program at 35,000 feet. 

credit: creative director. team: carl jannerfeldt, fab berglund.

Now that Delta has gained their operational footing and is racking up some of the biggest profits in the company's history, here are some of the latest outings from W+K, New York. "No Bag Left Behind." 

credit: creative director. team: matt rivitz, tyler magnuson. director: noam murro.

More than just a spot, we used it to develop IP, actually creating the bear bag, and then went on to use the bag to raise money for St. Jude's at the holidays. 

The following spot, "On The Road," was a way of showcasing their most premium offerings, Delta One. I hope you like it.  

credit: creative director. team: the sharkeys. director: martin de thurah. 

credit: creative director. team: eric dennis, molly jamison. director: adam berg.